Treatment in Germany

How to find a Cancer Treatment Facility in Germany?

Here are some of the steps for choosing your cancer treatment hospital: 

  1. Focus on the doctor. The oncologist you choose will influence every aspect of your care.To make you feel more confident at the beginning of your cancer treatment, the partnering with your doctor plays an important role. It means, that the doctor will work closely with you and your family. Depending on your cancer type, you may need a medical, surgical or radiation oncologist. The oncologist, that takes charge of your cancer care will be permanent in contact with different medical specialists to support you throughout the treatment. 
  2. How much experience does the facility have in treating cancer?Search over the internet if it is more information about the hospital or clinic available. 
  3. Is the facility an accredited cancer treatment center? A good place to start your search is among accredited cancer treatment centers. In Germany there are several types of accriditation, such as DEKRA or DGHO, etc. 
  4. What support services are offered to cancer patients and their families? Will you have access to dietitians or complementary health care interventions such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine along with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery?
  5. Follow-up Care after Cancer Treatment. Is it possible after the cancer treatment to continue to communicate with your care team, even if you need to come back home? For patients with cancer it is very important to have a possibility to stay in touch with the oncologist after cancer treatment ends. Depend on the type of treatment the late side effects may develop months or even years afterwards. Being in contact with your doctor you can always ask for a medical support. 
  6. One more goal of the follow-up care is checking for a recurrence. A doctor will give you more personalized information about your risk of recurrence. He can also suggest a prevention programme to minimize your risks. For example, some people may have blood tests or imaging tests as part of the prevention programme. These recommendations depend on several factors, scuh as the type and stage of cancer, the type of given treatment, etc. In addition, your doctor should tell you to watch for specific signs or symptoms of recurrence. 
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